Product Categories & Services

Formulation Development
  • Tablets

- Instant Release (IR)

- Chewable

- Oral disintegrating 

- Enteric

- Modified Release

  • Capsules

- Inhalation (DPI)

- Straight Cannabinoid 

- Combination Products

  • Cosmetic/Topical

- Cream

- Lotion 

- Serum

- Balm

- Salve etc.

  • Effervescent Technology

- Tablets and Sachets 

  • Tablet Coating

  • Concentrated Liquids

- Infused waters

- Flavored waters 

- Coffee creamers

- Oil-based tinctures

  • Food Applications

  • Softgel formulation and transfer

Process Engineering
  • Technical Transfers

  • Process Optimization

  • Patent Circumvention

  • Intellectual Property Evaluations

  • Product Re-Formulation & Improvement

  • Product Line Extensions

Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Nutritional Products

  • Consumer Products

  • Cosmetic Products

  • Full In-House Capabilities

Powder Based Products

Utilizing Anseres’ patent pending oil to powder conversion, we can develop and manufacture a variety of unique delivery systems designed to enhance the consumer's experience with cannabinoids. With cannabinoid concentrations as high as 60%+ oil load, we can achieve significantly higher doses per unit than the current industry standard. This product is available in bulk as a raw material for inclusion in any select existing product line to infuse at a predetermined concentration. This product is also integral to the creation of all non liquid delivery systems containing oils, extracts, and distillates such as, a variety of tablet options, capsules, and other powder-based products.

Water Based Products

Fully testable micro emulsion designed to be compatible with any aqueous food or beverage with a cannabinoid load of 10% by molecule. This aqueous water-miscible product is best used by the consumer to customize the amount of cannabinoid for their individual needs. It can be added to almost any water-based food or beverage.

Topical Products

Anseres offers a variety of creams, lotions, salves, balms, serums, etc. to meet the needs of the ever-changing demands our customers require, as well as specializing in custom product development as requested. We are always happy to discuss your specific needs and develop innovative products accordingly.